Crystal Whites Teeth Whitening Review

Our society has now become so influenced by images and the ideas of perfection it can lead us to look for quick fix products that promise amazing results.

One of the areas I always want to improve on is the colour of my teeth. There are now thousands of teeth whitening products out there offering a more affordable way to brighten your pearly’s and avoid high dental costs.

Do they really work? I put the Crystal Whites professional teeth whitening kit to the test.

Crystal whites professional teeth whitening kits

The Crystal Whites Kit

The contents of the kit are as follows:

Advanced High Quality Whitening Gels

4 x Thermo Boil & Bite Mouth Trays

1 x Ultra Power Blue LED ‘Laser’ Light

Syringe Gel Caps

1 x Printed Colour Instruction Sheet

1 x Printed Colour Shade Chart to Track Progress

This is all comes in a resealable pack and is retailing on Amazon for £11.95 right now. I paid a lot more… around £30 I think.

Testing It Out

Right from the ‘get go’ this has been a disaster but I will go through the motions with you to give you the real insight.

Firstly you have to mould the mouth guards, this means putting them in boiling water for five to ten seconds and then placing them in the mouth to mould to your shape. It’s great they included four mouth trays! I do not recommend leaving a pair in boiling water for the instructed ten seconds. They will melt, bend out of shape and become completely unusable. I suggest four or five seconds.

Next step is to apply the gel along the tray. As long as you have managed to keep the mouth tray intact during moulding this is very easily done. The suggested amount is between 0.2 – 0.4ml of whitening gel. Every time I have used this product I have used 0.5ml of gel. The syringes are only labelled in 1ml sections so it was difficult to work out how much 0.2/0.4ml was.

You can then place the trays in your mouth and leave twenty minutes for what they call ‘bleaching time’. The formula doesn’t have the best taste but no teeth whitener I have used particularly tastes good, so it wasn’t too bad.

After the twenty minutes you can add a boost to your whitening by using the LED light provided for an extra ten minutes. A little time consuming I thought but lets go ahead and get better results.

The Verdict

I have used this for forty minutes every day for eleven days (yes I took my ‘boosting‘ time with the light up by ten minutes) and there has been absolutely no difference to the appearance in my teeth. I repeat ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE. All I have done is waste a lot of time and money.

Frankly I can see why this is now available on Amazon for £11.95 and yet I would still not recommend it to anyone.


If you are looking for a way to brighten and improve the appearance of your teeth I do suggest going to the dentist and having a professional clean. These can be around £25.00 which is a lot cheaper then professional whitening but has great results for the teeth’s health and cleanliness.

Have you used the dreaded Crystal Whites kit? It would be great to know if you have had any good results. Do you have any other brands of teeth whiteners that live up to their claims? Comment down below as it would be great to hear some opinions.

Next post will be Tuesday, wishing everyone a great weekend.

Kate x

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NYX Cosmetics Haul

Beauteque Box: Product Review

NYX Cosmetics Haul

High Street make up has really upped it’s game in the last year or so, foundation wise there are now many brands that offer so many more shades plus they are now keeping on top with all the current trends offering many dupes at a more affordable prices.

I recently did a massive shopping spree at NYX cosmetics to see if their products were as good as I’ve heard. Here is everything I bought and all the details.


Total Control Drop Foundation £14.00

This is like no other foundation I own, it has a dropper applicator which you can dot on the back of your hand or a make up plate and then apply. The £14.00 is for 0.43 fl. oz/ 13ml. which size wise is a little on the small size, the shade I have is porcelain and the range has a massive 30 different shades to choose from.

Formula wise this is very light and almost like a water solution. It applies well and I like the option of having a more sheer coverage but being able to build to a more full base with a few more drops of product. The shade is a very good match to my skin, the formula stays seamless as you build up and blend.

Word of warning if you are using a beauty blender or sponge to apply (due to the product being more water based) a lot of the foundation does get soaked up but the overall effect of the foundation once applied is beautiful. 

NYX Full Coverage Concealer £6.00

Available in 14 shades including colour correcting these pots contain 7g of thick, creamy concealer. These have good coverage power and covered all my dark circles immediately. The formula is easy to blend and I feel it lasted well throughout the day with only minor creases which were easily buffed out.

The only thing to throw me off was the shade. I ordered Porcelain, what looked like the same shade as the foundation but it is actually about two shades darker. I also found due to the strong coverage it looks a bit thick over the drop foundation. I will be using this with other thicker foundations.

It’s a nice concealer but not one of my favourites, I will be using this pot but not repurchasing.

Matte Bronzer £8.00

NYX Bronzer

I ordered the bronzer in light (5 shades available) as a lot of bronzer’s especially high street can come up orange on my fair skin. I’m a hoola lite girl.

This one is on the warm side but if I’m careful with the amount I use it looks good. The pan gets a little dusty but this is to be expected with bronzer. I was able to blend this really well during application and I found the overall effect to give a natural glow.

I will be using this a little bit more before deciding whether to buy again although so far so good.

Lid Lingerie Palette £9.00

Nyx Lid Lingerie

Six shades for £9.00 is a pretty good deal and they all compliment each other really well to create a look. This is a great day to day palette as you have all the shades available to create a neutral look perfect for the workplace or in my case school run. I don’t want to scare anyone with a bright look before 9am.


The shades blend well and can be built up to achieve a more smokey look. I’m impressed by how much I have reached for this for my daily look.

Glitter Goals Liquid Eyeshadow £8.00

nyx glitter goals / swatches

I picked two of shades from the 8 available thinking these may be a great dupe for the Stila Magnificent Metals.

My favourite has to be the gold shade called Pin Up (the purple is retrograde). Both look quite sheer when they apply but once dried their reflective ability makes them look opaque on the eye. They don’t have as much glitter as the Stila but for a more affordable option do the job nicely. They are very smooth and don’t feel gritty on the eye whilst apply successfully over powder eye shadow without lifting of taking away your hard work. I will be buying more colours from the range and hope they expand it to more then 8.

Worth The Hype Mascara £9.00

The Worth The Hype mascara claims to be lengthening and volumizing and I feel like it achieves both these tasks. The wand is just the right level of thickness, I was able to coat nearly every lash with a few swoops whilst able to go into more detail on the corners without making a mess.

The product builds very naturally and I didn’t get any clumping as I added each coat. I was pleasantly surprised by this and it has been another item I have been keeping in my day to day bag.

Machinist Highlighting Duo £10.00


One of the most expensive pieces from my haul and the one I least like. I bought the Ignite combo as it seemed like the lightest shade there and it has just been a flop since the start.

I’ll be honest I think it’s me and I’m using them wrong but the darker highlight is way too dark for my complexion looking a bit like shimmery mud and the lighter one is a bit too unicorn for me personally.

Nyx Machinist Duo Highlighter swatched

The formula is lovely, soft, creamy, easy to apply. When put together the shades compliment each other really well and blend like a dream. (Maybe I using it wrong because when I apply it just doesn’t suit my face).

High Definition Blush £6.00

I’m not really big into blush and don’t collect loads. The High Definition I purchased was in the shade Coraline which is a nice orange/ coral shade as i don’t have many of this colour and thought I would try something new.

I was impressed with the pan size, for £6.00 I have the feeling this will last me a while. The colour is pretty and can be applied lightly for a nice glow to the cheeks. If built up it will also achieve a more striking look.

Another product that has been added to my day to day bag as it applies well and is easily carried around without taking up a lot of space in my bag.

Soft Matte Lip Cream £6.00

NYX soft matte lip cream

Lastly, my favourite purchase from my Haul. I bought both Amsterdam (Red) and Stockholm (Nude) and they have saved my lips through the Autumn/ Winter period.

The formula is matte but they are no where near as drying as a full liquid lip. They do not dry down completely and leave transfer but they give the dry matte effect I love without being as harsh to my lips.

The shades they have available in this collection is amazing I may start buying all my nudes in this formula. I find them so easy to apply, the shades are fully opaque with one swipe and they dry down quickly.

One of my favourites available on the High Street I will be purchasing more from the range.

There you have it, everything I bought from NYX cosmetics. Do you have a favourite NYX product I haven’t mentioned? Let me know down below and we can start the conversations.

Next post will be Friday, have a lovely week everyone.

Kate x

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Beauteque Box: Product Review

Today’s post is going to be a review and look at the latest Beauteque box mainly due to the fact it has been my most liked yet and was full of products I love and needed. It also arrived on my birthday so that was an extra treat for me!

I’m going to jump right in as there is quite a bit to get through and it is all so good.


Cute Moose Headband ($7.99/£6.25)

I have been meaning to buy a headband to keep my hair out of the way during washing or applying a mask so this was perfect.

The band is nice and firm and fits comfortably without being too tight. The material is nice and soft so there is no damage done to the hair and the band has cute ears and antlers so is very adorable.

Esfolio Green Tea Facial Cleansing Tissue ($8.00/£6.25)

I was so glad to see these in my monthly box as I have been in desperate need for cleansing wipes.


The Esfolio packet contains 20 cleansing tissues of reasonable size. The Green Tea ingredient helps remove excess oils and leaves a fresh feel to the skin. For a tissue they are quite thick and not as easy as expected to rip or break.  I will be keeping these for on the go when I need an emergency clean up as they are quick to use and dispose of.

Cos. W Collagen Eye Zone Mask ($6.99/£5.47)

On first look I was a little bit disappointed as these little eye patches replaced the usual three step mask in the box but once I had a proper look and used the product the disappointment soon evaporated.

I have four favourite products from the box this month and the Cos. W eye masks are one of them. The eye patches come in a resealable packet which contains 15 pairs so there is plenty of usage for the price.

Each pair are really easy to separate from the others despite the fact they are saturated in the Green Tea and papaya extract (designed to help with signs of ageing). They place really well under the eyes with ease and fit almost perfectly . Once left for 15-20 minutes you can remove and throw away so there is little mess.

I have really loved using these as they leave my under eye feeling tighter whilst giving a boost in hydration. The patches are so quick and easy to use, they are like a mini pamper session for when your pushed for time.

Bergamo Luxury Caviar Wrinkle Care Cream ($24.99/£19.56)

I have been using this every evening since the moment I received it and I am in love. I have quite a bit of texture to my skin in places and Caviar induced products can help with this as well as fine lines.

The product information states to use as the last step to your evening routine. The cream light and easy to apply. It doesn’t feel heavy, especially as I normally apply mine after using a night moisturiser. Over the past few weeks of using I have been waking up to my skin feeling a lot firmer and an improvement in the texture.

From this months subscription it was another one of my absolute favourites and a product I will repurchase.

Botanic Farm Soft Cover Pore Balm Primer ($18.00/£14.08)

Honestly how can you get so many good products in one box!

Botanic Farm

As I said previously I have textured skin in places and also suffer from large pores and the Botanic Farm primer has been a god send. So much so that I have been wearing it alone without make up purely because it minimises my pores so well and helps even out the texture.

As the product is a balm it is firm in the jar so I tend to use a beauty blender to pick up the product and then apply to my face with the blender. It puts me in mind of other more expensive primes such as the Benefit Dr Feel Good (£26.00) and leaves my skin feeling velvety.

When using this with foundation it has worked very well (the foundation sitting nicely with the primer). I have had no major issues and my pores have continued to appear minimised.

This will be added to the list of repurchases although I think the jar I have will be lasting a while due to the amount you need for application and the 0.71 ounces supplied.

The Saem Semi Pro Multi Colour ($7.99/£6.25)

The Semi Pro Multi Colour is described as a little pot of pigment that can be used on the lips, cheeks or eyes. The colour I have is 19 Scarlet and a little pot of pigment colour she is. This is bold and I really like it.

You need to be very light handed with these as the colours are so strong. There are tips to mix them with other make up products to achieve different colours and looks which is probably what I will be doing mostly.

The Saem

I really like the packaging resembling a small paint tube as that is how the product looks and performs. When used on their own these do have a strong transfer and are a little difficult to remove but for me when it has that strong a colour pay off it is worth it.

Hope you enjoyed my little review of this months Beauteque box. Each product included in the box is full sized and the links provided are for the individual product but below I will put a link for the box itself. Let me know your thoughts and feelings in the comment section  or if you have any other subscription boxes you love.

Beauteque Monthly

Next post will be Tuesday, have a good weekend.

Kate x

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Pityriasis Rosea and Me

Pityriasis Rosea is something I had never heard of until five weeks ago when I became covered from neck down in a rash that was flaming red and made me incredibly itchy. After a visit to my GP and then the hospital I was diagnosed with Pityriasis Rosea given some antihistamines and sent on my way.

Not happy with just curing the itching I went home and looked up as much information as I could about the condition. After all I am a beauty blogger and love to use products on my skin but was now worried that I may never have that luxury again. Here is what I have found on the condition and how I started to clear my skin.

What is Pityriasis Rosea

Pityriasis Rosea is a skin condition that often starts with a small, dry patch of skin that can look quite red and inflamed. For me this little patch did not hurt and was not an irritant in any way. The initial dry patch of skin is called the ‘Herald Patch’ and can take up to two weeks to develop into a raised rash that covers area of the body. For me personally the rash came out quite quickly and covered my neck, chest, stomach, back and legs. This rash was extremely irritating and I could have sat scratching all day.

Pityriasis Rosea
This is how my chest area looked

Causes of Pityriasis Rosea

Unfortunately There is yet to be any known cause for the skin condition. The hospital indicated that some feel it may be a viral infection while others think it could be stress related. As I felt unwell before my rash came out and had the stresses of a surgery the week before I believe it could be both.


Treatment is a bit lacking with the prescription of antihistamines and advice to use a emollient. More extreme case can then have a steroid based cream or UBV light therapy. Treatment can last anything from six weeks to six months and some people live with the condition.

How It Affected Me

I hope I don’t sound vain but I was devastated and itchy. I love using different products on my skin and for me personally one of my favourite things about being a girl is having pamper sessions, making myself feel nice. I was worried and panic that the things I loved doing for ‘me time’ I may never be able to do again.

I would be lying if I said it didn’t make me feel unattractive and knock my confidence. I was worried people could see it and it is almost impossible to cover up when its so wide spread across the body. I was also worried that people may feel it was contagious (it is not by the way) and fear coming near or talking to me. Luckily I have a reassuring husband and family that helped remind me how I looked didn’t matter and we are blessed I am well and it wasn’t something more serious.

How I improved The Appearance Of My Skin

No was the time for me to stop using such highly perfumed products and go back to basics. There was not many 0% chemical was products out there that you don’t have to order online and wait for. I started using both Lacura (£1.20) and Sanex (£2.29) zero percent body was as they are a clear liquid formula. The clearer the liquid the less chemicals in the formula. Plus they are both have 0% fragrance, parabens, colourants, phthalates or phenoxyethanol which is just what was needed at the time.

Sanex also offer a bath foam which is developed for people with highly sensitive skin so you can get a bit of luxury back into your bath time 

After bathing/showering I then used a mixture of my son’s Diprobase which is a water based cream he was prescribed for baby eczema mixed with the E45 Itch Relief cream (£4.79). I’ve linked it on amazon but you can also purchase it from local pharmacies. I applied this daily and now five weeks on my skin has improved so much. There is still a slight redness but the itching has stopped and I have been able to use some of my beloved skin creams again with no irritation or breakout.

Pityriasis Rosea 5 weeks on
Five weeks later

I hope my post has shed some light on the condition, hopefully it has been informative and helped people understand or relate. If you have any problems with your skin or are worried about it, please don’t self diagnose, go to the GP and they can help guide you. Comment down below your thoughts and feelings or if you have been effected by something similar.

Next post will be Friday, have a great week.

Kate x

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Primark Minnie Mouse Nails

If you follow me on twitter you would know that this weekend I took a trip to Primark and was super excited to go wild in the isles. I had yet to have the time to look at their beauty range and was really looking forward to getting my hands on some items as I’ve read some really good reviews.

Am I the only one who get’s overwhelmed in Primark? I just couldn’t cope. There were so many people and I just idly  looked at all the beauty products without knowing what to get or even what I was really looking at. I bought one item and don’t get me wrong they are cute but it just wasn’t the exciting shopping trip I had hoped for.

Anyway back to the purchase. I have read so many good things about the Primark false nails section, mainly them being super affordable and pretty decent when being used. I picked up a set of the Disney versions, going with the Minnie Mouse nails for the small sum of £3.00. Let’s jump into my thoughts and feelings on the product and if they are worth your hard earned money.

Minnie Mouse Nails Primark

Minnie Mouse Nails

What you get: 24 PK Nails with no Adhesive included so aware when buying.

Price: £3.00

Sizing: This is one of the first issues I have with the set. The sizing is way off. They are very small in size and I began to question if they were for children?!? please let me know if they are. There is no place on the box that suggests these are for younger people.

I found it difficult to find nails that would fit my fingers nicely and some left gaps to the sides so my natural nail could clearly be seen. Due to the odd sizing it was difficult to get the patterns of the nails in sync on each hand and they became a mumble jumble of bows, glitter, polka dot and black.

Texture: These are a very soft plastic and once glue has been applied and you place them on the natural nail they bend out of shape when adding pressure to ensure they stick down. I also found them quite brittle when filing the edges for a smoother appearance.

Once on they feel okay but are not as strong as other more expensive brands.

Appearance & Packaging: The packaging looks similar to other brands with the wheel of 8 nails with and design of nails shown as the main attraction. The rest is polka dot cardboard which fits in with one of the nails designs.

Once open you find the other 16 nails in a mini lock and seal bag which is a bit cheap if you ask me. This is also not suitable storage as some of the nail designs contain glitter and the said glitter had become loose and transferred over the other nails in the bag. This had also ruined the design on the glitter nail and as sizing is a bit of an issue it could have been a nail I really needed.

I like the designs on the nails and feel they incorporate Minnie Mouse slightly. They are cute to look at and have a good theme to them.

Conclusion: I don’t think I will be purchasing these again and will stick to buying a more expensive brand that I know work and will last a few days of wear. Three pound is good value for money when the product works and does what it is supposed to, unfortunately my personal experience with these doesn’t reach these expectations. I would like to say I really wasn’t expecting the nails to be as good as other brands that cost more, but I was expecting a little more then I received.

Have I got this all wrong? I really think something may have gone wrong after reading so many good reviews. Let me know if your experience has been different as I would love to hear your thoughts. Have you used the other Primark nails that are not Disney related and had a better experience?

Next Post will be Friday, hope everyone has a great week.

Kate x

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Konad Glam Gold Mask : A Review

Today’s post was meant to be a full face of NYX Cosmetics but after using the Konad Iloje jewel modelling mask I have just got to talk about it. I received the mask in the current Beauteque subscription box and it has been one of my favourite things I have had from the last few months. I have never used a mask that has been this much fun to apply or left my skin feeling and looking as good.

Iloje Konad Jewel Modeling Mask

Konad – Glam Gold Mask ($7.99/£6.19)

I’m going to start by explaining what comes with the mask and it’s claims towards helping the skin.

The mask comes in a plain white, plastic box that when opened contains two sachets and a spatula for mixing and applying.

Ingredients of the mask include collagen and real gold powder which are supposed to help the skin look more youthful and refreshed.

Before application you have to make your mask (this is the fun part). Sachet one contains a liquid formula that is a yellow/gold colour and you have to squeeze all that out into the plastic box provided. The second sachet contains the real gold powder and you need to add this to the liquid formula and get mixing with your spatula until the mixture is smooth.

The powder is a little dusty so be careful not to be too vigorous with the sachet as it will poof up in smoke. 

Mixing takes around two minutes to get rid of lumps and ensure all the powder has been mixed successfully. The texture is very thick for a peel off mask and puts me in mind of jelly. 

Iloje Konad Jewel Modeling Mask


Time for application, I continued to use the spatula to apply as it seemed the least messy method. Whilst applying to the contours of the face the spatula proved an easy option and I was able to apply a thick layer. When it came to the smaller areas of the face such as the nose and around the mouth it was a bit more difficult to get an even layer that was thick enough but it is manageable.

As the applied layer needs to be quite thick to remove once dried there is a lot of product provided to achieve this. I tried to use as much as possible and was still left with a lot in the box so you could even apply this to the neck area if you wanted.

The mask has a really nice scent that is not in the slightest way chemically and I really liked this. As the dry down time is 25-30 minutes the last thing I wanted was something that smelt harsh with chemical products.

When first applied this feels really refreshing to the skin and has a very cooling effect. As it dries there is a little tingling to the skin but it is not uncomfortable.


Once left on for the full thirty minutes the mask should dry into what looks like a rubber film. To touch it feels like slime or a cold gel that may feel a little wet but you can tell the mask has fused together.

The removal is the fastest removal for a peel off mask ever. It literally comes off in whole once you start gently pulling at the bottom. I placed the removed mask in the box provided for the sake of tidiness.

On the skin the mask leaves loads of moisture and oils that you can then begin to press into the skin to be absorbed. The left over moisture and oils do take about twenty minutes to dry but when they do the skin feels velvety soft.


I will certainly be buying another of these masks. From looking at the Beauteque site they have different types available so it will be fun to try something other then the gold one.

Konad Glam Gold mask has been so fun to make and use, plus it left my skin feeling very hydrated and soft. I can see how using these over a period of time can help improve the look of the skin.

At £6.19 I don’t find these too bad on the price point as you are getting a lot of stuff with the product. The box, mask ingredients, the spatula and as I said earlier there is enough of the formula to ensure you have full coverage available for the face and neck.

Overall it was a fun experience and I felt there were benefits to using the mask. Have you used any of the Konad Iloje mask’s before? Let me know if you have used the different versions and if they worked for you as I am very keen to use some others.

Next post will be on Tuesday, wishing everyone a great weekend.

Kate x

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3 Autumn Lipsticks for under £7

It’s been a while, two weeks tomorrow to be exact but I am back. I have had my surgery and other then coming out with Rosacea all over my body I am now feeling back to normal.

Today’s post is going to be a quick round up of the top three lipsticks I have been using throughout the Autumn period. Each one has a more comfortable price point of under £7.00 and work like a dream.


NYX Soft Mate Lip Cream £6.00 (8ml)

The soft matte lip creams have been one of my latest purchases’, I have never used a Nyx lip product before and I am impressed.

The shade I have been using the most is Stockholm, it’s a lovely pink based nude that compliments my fair skin well. I often have trouble with more brown/cream based nudes as they can be to harsh on my paler complexion or wash out my lips completely. I need something with a slight pink in to add some warmth and Stockholm does this perfectly.

I am really enjoying the formula with these soft mattes. It is a little creamier then other liquid lips I’ve used and applies as soft and smoothly as a traditional lipstick. From me this lip cream dries down but does not dry completely, which has been great during the Autumn weather as a full matte would ruin the condition of my lips.

Nyx soft matte lip cream Stockholm

I chose this particular colour as, during Autumn I do like to be a bit braver with the darker colours eye shadow wise and I like to balance the look with a more nude lip.

Overall I would give these a big recommendation Their shade range is large so there is something to suit everyone, they have a good price point for the size of product and during the colder months I am enjoying having a liquid lip effect without my lips becoming overly dry.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate £5.49

I bought this when I did my guest post over on Kate Day’s A Week. I needed something that fitted into my full face of make up for under £30 challenge and since then I have not stopped using it.

Rimmel Lasting finish by kate 30

The shade I have is number 30 (light purple/plum shade) and it is fantastic for the Autumn to Winter period. It’s a bold shade so I go a bit less on the eyes and let the lips be the focus point but it is very wearable for both day and night.

I have recently been buying more high street make up in a effort to be frugal and the Rimmel long lasting lipsticks have surprised me. They have great staying power and I often only reapply once a day. They apply really well and have good pigmentation so you don’t have to keep building the colour.

Hint: I use a liner for the more bold colours in the range as they do bleed slightly so the liner helps keeps this under control.

Since using the Rimmel lasting lipstick for my Make up Challenge I have actually purchased a few more shades from the range due to how well they work. 

Maybelline Colour Sensational £6.99

The colour sensational from Maybelline has such a high volume of shades available within the range and it is easy to see why they stuck with this formula. These lipsticks glide on so softly and effortlessly it is hard to make a mistake with them.

The formula is lovely and soft and the texture is more like a lip balm then a lipstick, yet they have an amazing colour pay off. Throughout the Autumn these have become my go to as they feel a lot more moisturising for my lips in the colder months.

Maybelline color sensational stellar pink

The shade I have been using the most is Stellar Pink which is a pink/mauve with a frosted effect. Granted the frosted effect is not for everyone but it is quite subtle and resembles a top coat of gloss more then a metallic lip. I have been using this shade when I have created a strong eye look but don’t want to use a basic nude.

I have quite a few of the colour sensational and when looking for a more affordable lipstick I would always gravitate towards using these as they are good quality for the price.

Do you have any Autumn Lipsticks you couldn’t live without? Have you altered your lipstick due to the weather? I’m trying to use less matte liquid lips as they are really messing with my lips condition in this cold. Let me know in the comments section down below and we can all start discussing.

Next post will be Friday. Wishing everyone a good week.

Kate x

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The Ordinary: Product Review


I have never used any of The Ordinary products but always seen and heard so many good things from people using them. It was about time I took matters into my own hands and bought some of the skin care products everyone is talking about.  Here’s a look at everything I bought in my shopping spree, including the pro’s, con’s and how they have worked with my skin.

The Ordinary

Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution (£6.75)

This must be one of their most popular products as when I added to cart I was only allowed to purchase the one. One will last quite a while as it is a toner that is used in the evening only and the bottle is a hefty 240ml so your getting a lot.

The product contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) so you skin will be more sensitive to the sun so an SPF is a must after use. 

The Ordinary

The toner claims to help with texture to the skin and encourage a more radiant look. I have been using every night for at least four weeks and have started to notice some changes to the side of my cheeks (where I have the most texture) and chin. I do believe it has helped to get my skin to the healthier condition it is in right now.

This does tingle slightly when applied but for me did not become irritating or cause any redness.

Buffet (£12.50)

The peptides, amino and hyaluronic acids anti- ageing treatment (or we could just say Buffet serum) can be used in both the AM & PM, the £12.50 is for a not so big 30ml.

It claims to have anti – ageing effects, targeting fine lines and wrinkles. I do feel it has done this through usage, I have noticed a significant improvement in the lines around my eye area. They look and feel much tighter whilst the fine lines have almost disappeared. Buffet serum has been my favourite product to use and see results out of my whole The Ordinary haul.

One problem I do have is the size. Luckily I also bought a PM serum so I have only used Buffet for the day but I am already nearing the end of the bottle so if I were to use twice a day I would have been out within two/ three weeks.

The Ordinary

Argireline Solution 10% (£5.50)

This is 30ml and I have been using Argireline Solution as my night time serum. As with Buffet it tackles fine lines around the forehead and eye area. Honestly these two serums combined in my skincare routine have really helped improve the over all appearance of my skin.

I use this as a night serum rather then Buffet as it is water based and in the evening I like to use a thicker moisturiser so a water based serum works better for me. You are able to use this in both the day or night and the £5.50 is a lot more reasonable for the 30ml as again if your using twice a day it will not have many uses.

Natural Moisturizing Factors +HA (£6.75)

The Ordinary

I have really enjoyed using this moisturiser, I bought the bigger 100ml as I knew I would use it and I am so glad I did. There are no claims to massively improvement of the skin it is just a straight up really effective moisturiser.

The formula is quite thick, only a little is needed to cover the whole face. It absorbs into the skin really well considering it’s thick consistency, once dried down it feels like your face has a protective shield from the elements. My skin was still able to breathe and didn’t feel suffocated but there is definitely a barrier the cream created to protect the skin underneath.

This will be one of the products on my re-purchase list as I have just found it such a good moisturiser.

High Adherence Silicone Primer (£4.00)

The Ordinary

I’m not going to go into loads of detail as I have only used this three times so far, but each time has been a success. I often use a silicone based primer as they help blur my larger pores and even out any texture to my skin. The Ordinary Primer has done just that and for £4.00 it is amazing value.

Retinol 0.5% (£4.95)

The Ordinary

There is one in ever haul isn’t there. I’m in no means saying this doesn’t work with helping reduce fine lines and wrinkle but I don’t think my skin was ready for it.

Retinol can cause irritation and redness to the skin when you first start using which is why you start with such a low dosage and slowly build the percentage up when your skin feels ready for it.

The problems I had was it irritated my skin so badly when applied. It does not sting but it itched and caused my face to go slightly red. I persevered for about two weeks but started to get breakouts due to the irritation and so stopped.

I haven’t tried this long enough to say whether it’s a hit or a miss, it just doesn’t work for my skin.

Well that is everything I got when shopping The Ordinary products. I hope you have enjoyed reading and found some products interesting. Comment down below if you have used any mentioned or if you have used other Ordinary products I could try. I’m really interested in their coverage foundation so let me know if you’ve used.

I am currently having surgery like … right now!! so I’m unsure how tomorrow will go post wise.

Kate x

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One shade from each Palette Challenge


A couple of weeks ago @catisbored (from the fabulous KateDaysAWeek) sent me a link to Smokey Glow‘s Youtube channel in which she takes a few of her favourite palette’s and chooses just one shade from each as her ultimate shadow. This was so fun to watch it got me thinking about my own collection and what I would choose as my favourites, so today (day 9 of blogtober) I am going to do just that.

This has actually been a lot harder then I originally thought it would be. From one self confessed make up addict to another, my number of palette’s owned is beyond normal so I am going to narrow it down by picking from my top four most used palettes. Prepare yourself for quite a few shimmer shades as I love these for completing an eye look.

The Jaclyn Hill Palette (£37.00)

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette

I had to pick one from here as it is the palette I use the most. The shadows are great quality, it is my favourite palette I have and picking one shade has been a challenge.


I have chosen Diva as the shade I couldn’t live without as it is unlike anything else I have used before. To look at, in the pan it is a silver colour but once applied it has an almost green sparkle. It adds so much more to a look then just being a plain silver shimmer as it has such lovely reflective elements. If you use this really lightly it can tone the shimmer down and leaves a lovely light silver/grey.

BH Cosmetics Take Me Back To Brazil (£20.00)

BH Cosmetics: Take Me Back To Brazil

This is one of the latest palettes I’ve bought and I have really been enjoying using. As you can see the colours are so bright, you can really create something that will stand out with these shades.


The one I have chosen as my favourite is the purple second row from bottom on the right. It is one of the only mattes I’ve chosen throughout this challenge but the shade is so opaque when applied I don’t think I’ve ever used a purple as good. I find the colour pay off in this palette is so good from a more affordable brand.

Revolution: Soph x (£10.00)

Revolution Soph x

I have been using this a lot recently as it has so many colours that fit in well with the Autumn season.


I have chosen the shade I use most in the palette and that is peaches. As suggested in the name it is a lovely peach colour that I use as a transition shade to add a bit of dimension and warm up the crease area.

Morphe Dare To Create 39A (£34.00)


The 39A is my go to palette for the festivities during Winter, it has so many rich colours to create something spectacular with. I love the layout and how all colour ranges are divided into sections, it makes for such easy use. The shadows are so soft and smooth they blend really well, Morphe palettes are a favourite of mine as they are good quality for the price point.


The shade I have picked is “Tailor” a lovely aquamarine colour. It’s a blue/green mixture with some added sparkle, it is definitely something different from other colours. When used in a look it gets a lot of attention and can really accentuate the eyes.

I’d like to give Kate a big thank you for giving me the idea to join in this challenge. I’ve added all her links at the top so all beauty addicts need to check her page (she writes amazing product reviews).

Let me know your thoughts on this particular challenge, comment all your favourite palettes and shades. I love hearing what others are using and if they work well, I could always do with adding to my mountains of Make Up.

Next post is tomorrow.

Kate x

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The Beauty Book Shelf: How To Walk In High Heels


Another entry in the Beauty Book Shelf and this one is How To Walk In High Heels: A Girl’s Guide to Everything by Camilla Morton (£8.99). It’s a little step away from the usual beauty books, being more of a lifestyle guide but I have had this for years and always go back to reading it for some motivation when I’m feeling in a bit of a rut life wise. (excuse the battered book photo but this is well loved).

How To Walk In High Heels Camilla Morton

Throughout the book Camilla answer any possible “how to” question you can think of in such a direct and funny way it’s almost like talking to a best friend. The book has such cute illustrations and you will find little snippets of advice and tips from the likes of Manolo Blanhnik, Vivienne Westwood and Gisele.

Chapters included cover: politics, climbing the career ladder, buying a house, DIY lessons, staying in credit and most importantly How to walk in high heels. From each section Camilla offers a brief history about the topic with some strategies and plans to accomplish the matter.

It is written in such an informative way and you can really learn something from the advise she gives. I now have an idea of how to bleed a radiator if I was ever to need to. I also gained some success in my wallpapering skills after applying some of the tips suggested.

If you are looking for a really fun, care free read that you don’t have to concentrate on, or even a book just to use for lifestyle reference this is a good option. I have loved this for years and it has a firm place on my beauty book shelf.

Camilla also has a follow up book A Girl For All Seasons (£3.99 kindle addition) which follows along the same line as the first but is sectioned around the changes in season.

A Girl For All Seasons: Camilla Morton

For me it would be another I recommend looking at if you like this style of book. The illustrations keep in with the first and even more of your “how to” questions are answered.  My favourites consist of, “how to blog”, “how to strike the right work/life balance” and “how to make a face mask”.

Again there are guest articles from Dita Von Teese, Christian Lacroix and Lulu Guinness (there are many more).


At the beginning of each month Camilla gives a little history lesson on a powerful, interdependent women that you can muse over and at the end she includes a ‘foot note’ (a style of shoe which is then described and explained to how it became about). Honestly it is so interesting, there is always a section to learn from.

I have loved both of these books for so long and couldn’t help but add them to my Beauty Book Shelf (both have beauty elements to them).

Let me know if you have read these and enjoyed or even if they are not really your style of book. Are there any other lifestyle books I could take a look at? Which one’s have become your ‘life bible’?  I’ve seen the new Zoella one so if anyone has had the chance to give that a read, comment below as I’d love to hear some opinions.

Next post will be tomorrow.

Kate x

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