Preparing For Surgery


There has been a change in my schedule for Blogtober as I have recently got the call to say my date for surgery is ready and it’s NEXT WEDNESDAY!! To try and not freak out I have been putting a few things in place to ready my mind for the big day, so this post is going to be a little catch up and run through of what I’ve been doing.

It turns out the few weeks notice I thought I’d have before surgery has not happened and here we are with four days. To lessen the stress and worry here are a few things I have been doing to prepare:

Know The In’s And Outs


The first step to relaxing my mind was reading all the guidance sheets given before the operation and really knowing what I am about to go through.

Please don’t use Dr Google it will only make you worry. You can ask your hospital to send you all the information needed. 

I am now aware that the surgeon is planning keyhole surgery but if any complications arise it will then be the alternative (thank god I will be asleep). Recovery from keyhole is allowed to be done at home although if the alternative happens I will be remaining in hospital.

Expectations they have of myself are to provide my own dressing gown and slippers. You can bet your ass I’m treating myself to some new ones. Both toe and finger nails to be free from polish or acrylics and no make up. I will not be allowed to eat or drink from 9pm the previous evening and any medications I am currently taking are to be taken with me and given in to the nurse assigned to me.

Get Organised

As I am off early Wednesday morning and the husband is taking over with the children I have prepped all their uniforms and P.E kits ready. I’ve also made a note of our daily routine (which my husband finds quite patronising) but knowing I’ve noted everything down makes me feel more relaxed so he’s not too offended.

I have also packed a small bag of clothes containing day to day wear, pyjamas, some unscented wash products, sensitive wet wipes, my laptop and plenty of reading material. I am a notorious over packer.

If you have any aids such as an asthma pump, hearing aid or contact lenses be sure to pack all you need in your bag.

If I have to stay my husband can just bring in the bag and I’m all set for the week.

Preventing The Anxiety

hello-my-name-is-anxiety (1)

When I have big things like this happen I often have an anxiety attack, ending me not going or forcing myself to go and then getting in such a state I walk out.

One of my September goals was to learn a bit more about anxiety in general and learn coping mechanisms to help me get through these times. A few things I will be doing before hand will be:

Meditating – This may sound a bit “off the wall” but I read taking time out for at least three minutes a day to sit and think of absolutely nothing helps to settle your nerve and gain control over your mind. I have been trying this out over the last month and really think it helps (not sponsored but I have been using the head-space app to get started).

Talking – I will be making sure I set aside time to talk to my family about my feelings towards the operation. I normally avoid doing this and deal with it myself but I have learnt from the encouragement of others that talking about it puts the worry out in the open to normally a reassuring response.

Taking Time To Relax – Due to the surgery it will be a while before I’m able to have a bath (only showers) and use some strong scented products. I will be using the time before hand to really indulge myself in relaxing and making myself feel good.

I’m hoping the above has given some guidance or help to anyone who is also setting themselves up for surgery. If anyone would like to add anything or has some great tips that I haven’t mentioned please comment as I’d be extremely great-full.

I don’t know where surgery is going to leave me with Blogtober. I am hoping to continue on and have a few things scheduled but I’m not sure if I’m going to be high on pain medication, please stick with me if you can I will be doing my best.

Next post will be tomorrow.

Kate x

Here’s a little bit of what I normally post:

Autumn Lip Care

TooCoolForSchool: Pumpkin Purifying Mask Review

Autumn Lip Care:Preventing Dry, Sore Lips In The Colder Months


Blogtober wise we are almost a week in and I feel quite good about it so far. I have a few more posts scheduled and am slowly working towards filling in the rest of the month. I’m giving a big high five to the others still going and wishing you all the best with the rest of the month.

Today’s post is going to be about my Autumn Lip care routine as one thing I struggle with throughout the colder months is chapped lips. Not only are they unpleasant to look at but they hurt like hell and put me in a bad mood. Here are a few things I do to try and keep my lips in tip top condition during the colder periods.

Lip Scrub

To keep dry skin at bay I use a lip scrub every two days. I really advise making your own rather then paying through the nose for one. They are quick and easy to make and if you have a little tub empty you can keep it in there until the next time you need to use.

All you need is some solid coconut oil and some brown sugar, mix the two together and you have a lip scrub that is safe and smells fantastic. You can add a scented oil if you would like, peppermint, vanilla and almond oils are sometimes used in lip scrubs. If you wanted a more chocolatey vibe add some cocoa powder (only a pinch). It really is that easy.

As I said I use the scrub around every two days to remove dead skin and to keep my lips smooth and soft.


Due to the wind being a constant factor blowing at my face, and the constant change from a cold environment to a hotter one when I step inside, my lips quickly become dry and sore in this weather. Lip balm has to be the ultimate saving grace for a boost in moisture and a protective seal from the elements.

Nivea Original Care Lip Balm
My go to balm for soothing sore lips

One of my favourites has to be the Nivea Original Care Lip Balm (£1.65). It’s a really thick and creamy balm that applies easily and leaves my lips feeling nourished and protected. I find this lip balm heavy duty enough to get me through the colder months. It’s an unscented balm so if my lips had already cracked or are sore it does not irritate the skin in any way whilst helping to settle the area.


Here would be the biggest change for me! I am a matte liquid lipstick addict, which in this weather is just asking for problems. To prevent my lips drying I have changed my beloved products from the liquid lip to a moisturising lipstick. I think hell just froze over but my lips are thanking me.

Here I have some of my favourite lipsticks’ that each offer a lot of moisture to the lip whilst also giving great options in colour.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine (£28 each)

YSL Rouge

Not the cheapest but they have such a lovely formula, it is really moisturising and doesn’t dry out lips in the slightest. They have a really good colour range available but do need re-applying a bit more frequently.


MAC Lustre Lipstick (£17.50 each)

MAC Lustre lipstick
Excuse my daughter squishing Lady bug

More of a mid range price point the MAC Lustre range are the least drying available from the brand. I only have two as like I said I’m a matte addict but they work really well, leaving my lips feeling soft and nourished.


Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick (£6.99 each)


A more affordable range that work so well. Calling them colour sensational was a great idea as the colours they have available in the range are quite vibrant. For me these lasted really well once applied and the formula is not harsh to the lip, so in the colder months you can still look great without just using a natural coloured lip balm.


There you have my lip care routine for Autumn and Winter. Do you have any regimes you use to protect your lips in the later seasons? What are your favourite balms and scrub to help with lip care? Let me know in the comments section and we can start the discussions.

Next post will be tomorrow.

Kate x

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TooCoolForSchool Pumpkin Purifying Mask: A Review


Today I will be looking at the TooCoolForSchool pumpkin purifying 24k mask. Well it is the season for pumpkin’s! I’m going to jump straight in and give you the in’s and out’s of this peel off mask.

Too Cool For School
Too Cool For School has such cute packaging

The Basics

The pumpkin puritfying mask comes in at £18 for a not too bad 100ml, it will last quite a few uses. The mask contains 24k gold powder and golden yellow pumpkins which combined are meant to give the skin a soothed and toned effect.

Application is to clean dry skin, dispense a thin layer and leave to for twenty to thirty minutes and then peel off from the bottom.


I was expecting this to have a really pumpkin smell but it actually just smells like a mask, which is a little disappointing. On the plus side it is bright gold in colour which makes using a lot of fun. The gold is very reflective so It looks a bit like an all over face highlight, just call me Goldmember.


The texture is a lot less sticky then other peel off masks I’ve used. It is really smooth and easy to apply, leaving little mess. You don’t need to use much product as it glides onto the skin evenly without any trouble.

At first I was a bit apprehensive about paying £18 for a face mask but from how little product I needed to use with each application I’ve realised the 100ml will probably last about ten/ eleven uses. So price wise it works out at just under £2.00 per use which makes it much more affordable.

Each time I’ve left the mask on for the full 30 minutes although it has felt quite dry and smooth before the time was up I wanted to make sure I was doing as instructed. The wait isn’t bad, due to it being a peel off mask you can move around and get other things done without the product slipping or falling off your face (Sheet mask I’m looking at you).

Removal was simple. The mask dried down well and leaves a strong layer which is easy to pull at without it breaking. I was able to take it off in one whole piece without having traces left around my face.

The Results

I have used this a number of times and on each my skin feels more toned and hydrated. The hydration plumps up my skin leaving me looking more refreshed and awake. To touch it is smooth, soft but also feels incredibly moisturised.

I have used this during a bad breakout where I have had a couple of blemishes that have been sore and painful. The purifying mask did help to soothe the ache and also removed a lot of the redness from my skin during these times.

Overall I have enjoyed using the mask. It does everything it claims to do and is fun to use. I like that the bottle is a good size and leaves for many uses. The pumpkin packaging is very fitting to Autumn and the all round experience has been pleasant. I will be sure to finish the rest of the bottle and have even looked into getting the TooCoolForSchool Sleeping Pack (£16.50).

If you have used the Sleeping Pack let me know in the comments section, I’d love to hear some thoughts before purchasing. What do you think about the pumpkin purifying mask? Is it worth a go for you or will you be avoiding?

Next post will be tomorrow.

Kate x

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Three Autumn Palette’s Worth Taking A Look At?


I love this time of year! I love the colours and the warmer clothes. It is now I can start using all my favourite shades when creating a make up look and I feel at my most inspired.

For day four of my Blogtober challenge I am going to be talking to you about three eye shadow palettes that have the ability to create some amazing Autumn inspired looks. Each one has something different to the other and each has a different price point so I hope you find something you like. Let’s get started:

Palette 1

Morphe 35o
My messy Morphe 35o

It wouldn’t be Autumn unless I was talking about the Morphe 35o (£23 for 35 shadows, both shimmer and matte). Now yes this has now been out a while but this is a cult favourite with so many. The one pictured is the original 35o as Morphe have now created a matte based one, a shimmer and the 35o2.

The colour spectrum in the palette just fits so well with the season, I just grab for it as soon as September begins.

The palette includes plenty of nudes to use as a base and build up the transition area, you can then warm this up with the large selection of browns (both cooler and warm toned). My favourites are the luscious burnt oranges and reds, in particular the shimmer red to the bottom right. I die every time I look at it.

Morphe 35o swatches

I really enjoy Morphe palette’s and think they are great value for money. The 35o is no different, the shadows are smooth and soft with great blend-ability. The colour pay off in this palette is so good. They are a little messy so I do my eyes before the rest of my face when using these but other than this it works like a dream.

Palette 2

Huda Obsessions Warm Brown
Huda Obsessions: Warm Brown

The second palette I chose was the Huda Obsessions (£25.00 for 9 shadows) in Warm brown. This is quite pricey considering the size of palette you get but it’s so travel friendly, I use it mostly on a night out or if I’m away and need something small but quality.

Shade wise you have different choices to the 35o. I find the colours a lot deeper and more intense. The plum and purple colour are so rich along with the red to the top right. Plus the gold shimmer in the middle is out of this world (swatches don’t really do it justice).

Huda Obsessions Swatches

Usage wise I really like the formula of Huda shadows, they always seem to get the shade range right within their palettes so you can create a look with each shadow blending into one another seamlessly. The have a buttery texture which is easy to move and blend into the eye, they have a good pigmentation and create little to no mess when using.

Palette 3 

MUA Ever After palette
MUA: Ever After matte

MUA Ever After matte palette is great if your living on a budget or just want to save a few pennies. The palette photographed has now been discontinued and reborn into the Undressed palette (£4.00 for 12 shadows) with a few shimmers added.

MUA: Ever After Swatches

I picked this purely for the colour choice. The blue/green is such a lovely colour to create an eye look with a difference. The shadow quality is not as good as the other more expensive palettes and it is a bit of work as your going to have to build up the colours to create a nice gradient but for the price its not terrible. The formula is quite dry and chalky so priming the eyes and making sure the primers dried down would be good before applying these.

Let me know what you think about these palettes. Have you tried any of the ones mentioned? What eye looks do you like to create during the season?

Another thing I’d like to know is is anyone really ampping it up Make up wise for Halloween? Comment all your thoughts down below and lets get chatting.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading, next post is tomorrow.

Kate x

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The Ultimate Autumn Evening In

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. A cosy night in with the fire on, scented candles burning, a soft blanket and some pampering is my idea of heaven. There is really no better time to give yourself some TLC then when it’s getting colder outside and the evenings get darker. For this post I have put together ideas form my ultimate Autumn evening in.


Bath time Relaxation
Bath time relaxation

To start the evening off there is nothing better then a relaxing bath where aching muscles can unwind, you can leave all technologies behind and switch the mind off. For years I have been using the Radox Feel Relaxed Bath Soak (£1.00 for 500ml). Adding this to the bath creates some thick luxurious bubbles you can’t wait to lie in. The formula is infused with lavender and waterlily giving such a gorgeous, instantly relaxing scent that fills your bathroom. Stepping into this I know I can just ‘zone out’, letting my mind and body unwind. For the sum of £1.00 it is such an inexpensive way to give yourself a little boost and add something special to your bath routine.

To continue the relaxing vibe and to match the bubbles in the bath I then use the Urban City Carbonated Bubble Charcoal Clay Mask ($20.00/£15.35 for 100ml). I have been using this for ages and the tub still has a tonne of product left. It’s a quick three to five minute mask and the charcoal based formula removes all traces of dirt and make up. After use my skin feels spotless and since I started using this mask and other charcoal products I have had little breakouts and my skin has been so much clearer.

Once cleaned up I hop out and put on my favourite Maire Pyjamas (there is no sexy pj’s here) that have been toasting on the radiator and then I continue on with pampering myself.


Nail Care And Relaxation
Love these Essie polishes

Unlike most I tend to stay away from the scented candles’ and opt for a wax melt instead. I find the wax melts to give a much more intense scent throughout the room than a candle which is something I really enjoy when relaxing. My current favourites are from Yankee (£1.70 individual melts) in the scents Perfect Margarita, Sparkling Cinnamon Spice and Star Anise & Orange. Each have such strong Aromas that create a great ambience during a night of pampering.

With the candles on and feeling warm and comfortable after the bath, I move on to nail care. Filing and painting my nails instantly de-stresses me (kind of like adult colouring only on your nails). Recently I have been using a few Essie nail products (polishes from £7.99). They have so many great choices when it comes to shades and colours. I find their polish to hold up well after application and can often go the full week without getting cracking or chips. I have also been using their Naturally clean nail polish remover (£9.95 for 118ml). It doesn’t smell as harsh as other polish removers and contains moisturisers and vitamins to keep nails healthy.

Once nails are painted I settle down in my cosy blanket to watch Breaking Bad repeats and forget about the world.

So there you have my ultimate Autumn evening in. There really is nothing more satisfying then spending the evening to relax and escape the stresses of the day. There is something about Autumn that can make you feel all cosy.

Let me know in the comments section about your ultimate evenings. How do you spend them? How do you switch off from the day job? Do you have any products that help you relax and forget about it all?

Next post shall be up tomorrow so until then I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Kate x

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What’s In My Make up Bag?

Autumn Make Up Under £30: Guest Post With KateDaysAWeek

Hi everyone! It’s Kate! Not your beloved Kate from Kateshomebeauty, but the one from Katedaysaweek. 
We have exchanged blogs for the day and have challenged each other to create a full face of autumnal makeup for under £30. I think it’s fair to say that it’s been quite the challenge for both of us!
Here are the products that I have chosen: 
The first product that I chose was the Colourpop No Filter Foundation, which is one of the cheapest foundations that I own, but it also happens to be one of the best. I’m not going to go into great detail as to why I love this product because I’ve recently written a review about it. Spoiler warning: it’s amazing value and I love its very natural finish. And it does make you look like you’re wearing a filter. 
My second choice is the Colourpop No Filter Concealer and I’ve also just written a review about it.  TL;DR: again, a great value product and probably in my top three concealers. It works extremely well with the foundation (would be a shame if it didn’t). I just wish I hadn’t picked such a light shade, but luckily it oxydizes a little bit and eventually looks more natural on my skin after a while. 
Product #3 is the Catrice Glam Doll Waterproof mascara. Believe it or not, it’s one of the best mascaras you will find in that price range. I absolutely love the wand because it’s not too thick. I have the privilege of having quite short lashes and simultaneously being very clumsy, so fat wands aren’t for me. Another thing I love about this mascara is that it doesn’t dry or leave residue and turn your under eye into Pompei after two hours. 
For the lip, I chose Sleek’s True Colour Lipstick in the shade Cherry. I think it’s the perfect colour for autumn and it’s extremely comfortable to wear. Again, this is another wonderful affordable product of great quality. And overall, I really recommend Sleek 
Finally, on to the eyeshadow palette. I had to go with Revolution because they are the cheapest and have the most interesting colour stories. This particular Iconic Division palette (a supposed dupe for ABH’s Subculture) isn’t my favourite as, to be perfectly honest, the quality of some shadows is mediocre. The colours are interesting, but they’re actually badly executed. I chose it because it’s very affordable and I could use it for different purposes (lids, brows and as a highlighter). A lot of them aren’t nearly pigmented enough. I had to try different eye looks to find one that satisfied me and looked autumnal. 
So I finally went with a very simple eye look: I packed on a shade onto the lid and blended as well as I could and finished with a darker one in the inner corner and on the lower lash line.
This is the final look. I’m not totally happy with how it came out, but I think that’s the best I’ll do with this particular palette and my limited makeup abilities (let’s keep it 100). 
All in all I really enjoyed this challenged as it forced me to rummage through makeup that I bought and never really used and made me step out of my comfort zone. I’m glad I rediscovered that Sleek lipstick and I’m definitely going to be wearing it this autumn. 
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.
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Welcome To Blogtober

This is happening… I have decided to take part in Blogtober and join in with everyone else who is trying to post each day throughout the month of October.

As it is the first day of the month I’m going to ween you all in easily and just write a few things to expect from my posts over the next four weeks. I am going to keep as many post as possible beauty themed but I will be doing a few life updates throughout.

Here’s the plan

Autumn Body care routine with products and reviews

Autumn Lip care Routine

The Ultimate Autumn Palette

DIY Pumpkin Based Skincare

Putting Autumn into Bath Time: Mini Spa

Importance of Vitamin C During Colder Seasons

The Ordinary Skincare Haul

A Collaboration with the one and only Kate Days A Week (@Catisbored)

And loads more planned.

I have to say I am excited to get started and hope you will be following along in this challenge I have set myself. I’m hoping to keep my content to a good standard and keep up with the day to day posting.

Let me know if you are joining me on the Blogtober mission and the plans you have for the month. Have you set any goals to achieve throughout taking part? Are you expecting to find is as challenging as I am?

We are all here to support one another so if you have and questions you want to ask about my scheduling or how I’m going to keep up, please feel free. We can share some tips and advice with one another.

I wish everyone the best of luck and I shall be back tomorrow with another post.

Kate x

The Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award

I was recently asked by the lovely Lynette over at Life With Lynette to take part in the blogger recognition award. It is a lovely little award that spreads the love and helps everyone know their input into the blogging world is appreciated. I am really happy Lynette thought of me when nominating and thank her for involving me. I have been excited to take part.

Here Are The Rules:

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you
  • Write a post to show your award
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created

I’m going to dive right in and tell you a bit about my blog and some tips and advice I’ve learnt along the way.

How I Started My Blog

Believe it or not I started a blog during my university years on Tumblr (I’m showing my age now). Things never really took off, mainly as I didn’t have a clue how to use Tumblr properly and I was not confident in myself enough to have a direction with what I wanted to say. I always had ideas but I just couldn’t get them down and out there.

Fast forward nine years (a really long time I know) and my life had some dramatic changes. I had left full time work due to becoming a parent to three little ones. The three all came along within the space of four years and I was feeling a bit lost within myself. I was losing the identity of who I was and feeling like ‘just a mum’.

Randomly one evening I said to my husband “I’m going to start blogging about all the things I love” (I have taken media and English throughout my schooling so knew a bit about writing). Next day I set up a page on WordPress and Kate’s Beauty Home was born.

It’s been just over a year and I have loved every minute of it. It’s challenging and hard to get into a rhythm at first but once you’ve found your beat it becomes so much fun. I have had the pleasure of making new friends in the community who have been so supportive in helping me on my way and I have found something that gives me ‘Kate’ back not just ‘Kate the mum’.

Two Bits Of Advice 

  1. Reach out to others who inspire you! Yes it’s daunting, Yes you will worry about coming across like a weirdo, but you will be surprised by the response. The community is lovely and there are genuine people who want to support and help you. Take part in Blogger Chats to find people who are on the same wave length as you and start making conversations.
  2. Please don’t worry about numbers! They come, it takes time and hard work. When I first started I was hearing so much about how big peoples numbers were and I really stressed myself out on how to get there. It takes all the fun out of what you are doing and puts a humongous pressure on yourself when your only just beginning. Truth is my numbers, after a year, are still not anywhere near some others but I am now past caring. I write to express myself, to have discussions and interact with people. If you love it and put in the effort it will come.

My Nominations

I don’t think I can quite do 15 so here are some people I would like to give some recognition and a big cheer to.







That is all for today I hope the people I nominated don’t mind I just wanted to let you all know I see you all working hard. Next post will now be Monday as I start Blogtober.

Kate x

Beauteque Box Monthly Subscription : A Review

Beauteque Beauty Box
All six items from the August Beauteque box

It’s that time of month where I have received and worked my way through the Beauteque monthly subscription box. This month’s has a Kawaii theme and as you can imagine everything has a cute, pretty packaging but do they work?

Milatte Fashiony Fruit Soothing Gel ($14.99/£11.40)

One of my favourite products in this months box. I like that they used a soothing gel rather then a cream as it absorbs into the skin so quickly it is so much less hassle.

The gel itself is a transparent red and is meant to be water melon scented although this is rather faint. I enjoyed using as it glides on easily, is absorbed quickly and leave your skin feeling very refreshed. It has a cooling/ soothing effect on the skin which is very nice. I would imagine this would be great on sunburn as it really does settle the skin of any irritations. After use my skin feels softer and fully moisturised.

The bottle is 200g (full sized) and is going to last for ages. The soothing gel is perfect for using post shower as a quick way to put moisture back into the skin and feel soothed and refreshed without waiting ages for a product to dry down.

Tony Moly Magic Food Banana Hand Milk ($10/£7.60)

One of the “cult – favourites” if your a fan of Tony Moly, this hand milk has the cutest packaging ever (my kids love it). When first applied the scent of banana is quite strong but this does ease once the product starts to dry.

Not one of my preferred hand milks as I do like to use a thick cream and this formula is a lot less intense. The cream melts into the hands quickly without leaving a sticky residue and is also non greasy so you can use your hands again quickly after use.

Due to the drop in temperature and the sharp breezes my hand quickly become chapped and dry at this time of year and I don’t feel this made an major differences or changes to my skin. I will be sticking to my thicker based cream for hand care.

CC Mint Coin Tissue ($4.99/£3.79

Such a great idea and ideal for travelling or just to keep in your handbag for on the go. The plastic tube contains seven soft fabric tissues that unfold when you add a few drops of water.

Once expanded I was surprised buy the size and quality of the tissue, it is a lot less brittle then I thought it would be and is actually quite tough. They can be used for make up removal or just general washing of the body (much like a wet wipe) and then disposed of.

Each coin is engraved with the word ‘coin’ on one side and ‘made in Korea’ on the other which I though was a nice little touch to the detailing.

When I first saw these had been included in the monthly box I was a little underwhelmed but they have come in so handy and I like how easy the are to carry around without taking up much space in your bag.

The Saem Saemmul Single Blusher ($6.99/£5.32)

The coral coloured blush is nice and a colour that I would normally use. I always find it really difficult to give opinions on a blush as I find as long as it does what it’s meant to there is not much else to say.

The packaging is pretty basic and not something that is going to wow but the formula is soft and easy to use without there being much fall out. As far as blushes go it works well.

For the price The Saem single blush is 0.80 ounces in size which is reasonable but there are others available for the same quality and less of the price from high street brands such as Make up Revolution.

Mermaid Makeup Brush ($12.99/£9.88

Another super cute looking item. This make up brush is one of the softest I own, I really really like it. The bristles have been very nicely packed together so the brush is not too dense and has great movement. I like the tapered shape and for a synthetic brush it is good quality with no fraying or loose hairs.

The handle is plastic but still has a bit of weight to it for a better grasp. Due to the Mermaid shape this does take up a bit of room in a brushes bag or holder. Although due to the shape and look of the brush I will be putting mine on display at my vanity anyway.

JM Solution Marine Luminous Pearl Deep Moisture Mask ($5/£3.80

If you have read my Beauteque reviews before you would know this is my favourite item in each box. Since getting my first one four months ago a three step mask has now become “my thing”.

The first step of this particular one is the marine water full essence which you apply before the sheet.  The formula provides the skin with a boost in hydration and contains hyaluronic acids which is always good. The sachet is 1.5ml in size which is more then enough to cover your whole face before applying the sheet.

After application of the sheet mask and the 15-20 minutes wait step three contains a marine all face and eye cream that can be applied all over the face and neck but also to the more sensitive eye are. Again this is 1.5ml so you will be able to cover both your face and neck generously. This does take quite a few minutes to sink into the skin (about half an hour) but once it became completely dry I was so pleased with how my skin looked and felt. I have never had it feeling so plumped and hydrated, It looked so supple and glowy. The hyaluronic acid really helped to replenish and revitalise my skin so it appears smoother and more youthful. I will be purchasing this particular mask again.

Have you seen anything available in this box that you have taken a liking to? Have you used any of the products mentioned before and have a different view? I’d love to know your opinions and view point. Comment down below and we can start discussing.

Next post will be available Friday.

Kate x

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Stila Magnificent Metals
Stila Magnificent Metals

Hi everyone believe me when I say the last few weeks have been manic. I want to first apologise as I’ve been looking over my last few posts and realised that they all revolve around eye make up and today’s is no different. There is a reason for this, I ordered new skincare at the end of last month and I had problems with delivery so it literally arrived last week. I want to give it a good test out before letting you know my thoughts.

I am going to try and complete Blogtober so that has been taking up a lot of my time and thought process. If your also giving it a go I salute you and wish you all the best. Plus a blogger I really admire has offered people a place as a guest post during October over on her page so I’m trying to get a post ready for that and hopefully nominate myself.

Anyhow with the quick catch up out of the way lets start diving into some make up and take a look at the gorgeous Stila Magnificent Metals.

I have dreamed of getting one of these babies for ages, just not getting round to it. Finally I got my hands on one and quickly purchased.

The Basics

The Stila Magnificent Metals liquid eye shadow’s come in at £23.00 for 0.153 fl. oz / 4.5 ml which is an ok size considering Stila is a more expensive brand. The colour range on these is now quite extensive and I’m sure there will be something you take a liking to (The colour photographed is violet vixen).

Hint: If you live near a McArthur Glen Designer Outlet the beauty shops sell these for as little as £8.00 but there won’t be as much choice colour wise. 

The packaging is the tradition gold logo with a gold lid and a clear plastic bottom in which you can see the liquid shadow. The item is not very weighty but it is nice to look at and would be great for display on your vanity. 

Stila is now a cruelty free brand.


Application and Usage

I’m cursing myself for waiting so long to pick these up. The purple colour I have is so vibrant. I have the glitter & glow version and the flecks of glitter reflect the light in such a pretty way it adds so much shine to your make up look.

The formula is very soft and easy to use, you can either apply a bit to your finger and dab on the eye or use the doe foot applicator. Either way you get a high pigmentation with sparkling effects. The glitter is not at all chunky and the shadow is easy to move around and place in the right spot without making a mess. Mine took just over a minute to dry down completely.  Once dry there is a little bit of glitter transfer if you were to press with your fingers but other then that there isn’t any fall out under the eye.

The Magnificent Metals have great staying power and stayed in place all day. It gave no effect to the shadow I had applied before using and only enhanced my eye make up. I was surprised it didn’t smudge or crease throughout the day and I wasn’t covered in glitter (bonus).

Removal was not to difficult but I did have to use and oil based eye make up remover to ensure all the glitter was removed.

Final Thoughts

I had heard good things about these Stila products and I am still really shocked by how great they perform. I think the hype around them got to me and I wondered if they could actually be that good. They are!

I would recommend these to anyone who has a serious love for glitter but also to the people who want to glam their look up a bit without being OTT as they have the ability to be quite subtle depending on the shade you choose. They are one of the easiest forms of liquid eye shadow I have used, a beginner could get to grips with these so easily and they give such a professional affect to the eyes (people will ask what you have used).

These are a massive thumbs up for me and I now have to decide on what colour to purchase next.

If you have any idea on great colours in the Magnificent Metals range comment down below and let me know your ride or dies as I need some more badly. Also let me know of any dupes for the Stila ones as I love a good High Street version.

Next post is on Tuesday and then we being Blogtober which will be every day (wish me luck).

Kate x

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