Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette re-stock

Ready! Set! Go! The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette is set to be restocked on August 22nd (8am for the U.S. Which is 4pm here in Blighty) on the Morphe website, and if you are a fan of Jaclyn it is a total must have! Selling at $38.00 and $ 24.83 for shipping making a total of £48.50 in GBP the palette is a no questions asked YES for the superfan.
Having bought mine when they first launched I have had the time to really use the palette and dig deep with different looks. What I have found is buttery textures, exploding with pigmentation yet a really blendable formula that is easy to use even for the newest of make up lovers.
The palette itself is a sleek white box unlike the morphe originals which are black plastic which is nice as it gives the feeling of owning something special and different to their other products. Once open the colours you are met with range from mattes to shimmers, neutrals to darks and some added brights. The possibilities for looks on this palette are endless as there is so much choice which personally I think is great!! Saving you time from rummaging through numerous sets in order to create one look. It really is all there in one place for you.
The formula of the mattes is exquisite feeling deliciously creamy, you can really feel them melt onto the eye and glide smoothly as you blend. The shimmers are a bit more firm as expected but are not at all unplesant to work with, blending equally as well as the mattes (note: for shimmers I do use a damp brush to get placement of the product just right). One thing I feel is most apparent is you really do only have to be gentle when picking up shadow on your brush and it will be covered in glorious colour. A little really does go a long way which means the palette itself will last you a while before you hit the pans. There is a small amount of fall out powder after touching the shadows in the palette and as applying but no more then normal to other shadows.
Overall I do enjoy and rate this palette just due to the quality of shadow you are getting and the range of colours available to you. The price is a bit hefty as you may endure customs if posting to the U.K mine were £17.94 which was much appreciated 😩. If you love Jaclyn Hill then this is no doubt a yes but I also feel if your willing to push the boat out and want a palette in which you can create many different looks and for it to be your ‘ride or die’ this could be the one for you.
Let me know what you think in the comments or on twitter @KateL564 .
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    • 15th November 2017 / 12:11 pm

      Thank you. They are good quality for the price. I do find the Jaclyn Hill particularly good x x

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