BH cosmetics: Take me Back to Brazil, palette breakdown and review

Summer is officially over and as we step into Autumn I have done the unthinkable and bought a bright neon palette to get over the colder weather blues. It may be a little out of season but just look at those bright colours! Plus I figured it would be great to use for a fun Halloween look which I have become obsessed with over on Pinterest (I have a Halloween board here).

BH Cosmetics Take me back to Brazil
Take me back to Brazil

This is my first BH cosmetics palette and my first time using the brand so I have been a little excited to play with this over the weekend.

The Palette Layout

Take me back to Brazil is available for £20 and contains 32 pressed pigments in every neon colour you could find in the spectrum. There are three larger pans to the bottom of the palette containing a white, black and white with an iridescent sheen. The thirty two neon shades have 1.23 oz of shadow and overall weigh 35g which price wise is really affordable for so many shades.

Inspired by Rio’s Carnival this palette is loud and proud. Apart from my NYX cosmetics brights palette I don’t think I’ve seen as many neon shades on offer to play with.

Here’s Where The Fun Begins

I spent nearly all weekend diving into this palette and creating different looks. The colour options leave you spoilt for choice and to begin I used RawBeautyKristie for inspiration as I’d previously seen she used take me back to Brazil.

Starting with the Greens I found they had great pigment, my brush picked up a lot of colour from one press. They applied really well. They have a soft texture and the colour glides on with ease. The shades are great for building as they have a few that are so close to one another on the colour spectrum you can really add dimension and shading. The pigments are bold, my eyes were brighter than The Green Lanterns actual Lantern but I liked it. Not your typical day to day look but so much fun to use for a night out or when you want to take centre stage with your make up look.

I moved on to using some of the pinks to see if I had as much success. I’m happy to say they perform as well as the greens. I wanted to use the pinks as for me they can be an awkward colour. If they are in the slightest bit too light in shade or  have a little red in them I can look slightly ill rather then glowing. The take me back to Brazil palette did not give me this worry. The colours are so neon and bright there is no chance of looking anything but alive.

Lastly I used the palette to see if I could create a more subtle daytime look and to my surprise there are shades available for a calmer vibe. The palette contains some mild lemon/ yellow shades. There is also some blush pinks, a peach and some browns. With the white’s available on the bottom there is enough shades to tone the whole look down and get use from the palette everyday.

The Verdict

I really enjoy the take me back to Brazil palette. The shades are vibrant and I’ve had fun creating looks I would normally shy away from. The shadows perform well and have a good colour pay off, whilst being easy to blend. I did not find them at all patchy and was surprised by how little ‘fall out’ they leave behind.

BH Cosmetics Take me back to Brazil
A few swatch examples

As an introduction to BH cosmetics my experience couldn’t have been better and I’m sure to be found looking at some of the other products they have available (I’ve seen some of their brush sets at great prices so I think I’ve found my next purchase). I’m happy with how much I paid and the palette I received. I would honestly recommend taking a look.

Let me know your thoughts and feelings on BH cosmetics as a whole. Have you had good experiences with their products? If you have an recommendations of other items they do it would be great to hear as I love an excuse to buy more make up. COmment down below and lets all begin discussing.

Next post is available Friday.

Kate x

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15 thoughts on “BH cosmetics: Take me Back to Brazil, palette breakdown and review

  1. I love RawBeautyKristi, especially her bright looks! This palette is such a bargain for so many shades that work really well, if I didn’t already have the NYX brights I’d snap it up.


  2. I have this palette too and I agree the pinks and greens are top notch! The yellows aren’t too massively impressive for myself. I much prefer the yellows in my morphe 35b as they do pack the punch I’d yearn from the Brazil palette. For its price point it’s an amazing first brights palette! Also the rose quartz brush set is one of the best brush sets I’ve ever owned (like literally as nice as my spectrum set!)

    1. I haven’t got the Morphe 35b it’s one of my regrets not buying it. I think they have their price point spot on they are great to play around with and learn from without breaking the bank. I will be looking into their brush sets as I’ve only heard good things about them. X x

      1. Totally nab a set of brushes for sure! (Or do what I do and Christmas wish list them 😉) but these palettes have amazing price points – shipping depending on where obtained can be a poop – but disregarding that, these companies have it spot on!

      2. Good idea Christmas list and ummm my birthday. Yay!! They really do I’m glad BH is now on beauty bay as the shipping is now so much easier x x

  3. Just like Zara, I definitely recommend the brushes, you won’t be disappointed.

    I’m glad that all the shades performed well, that must be a nice change from the vault huh 😉 Joking aside, for 20 quid, it makes you wonder why we bother with things like the aforementioned ripoff.

    I was going to mention RBK because I saw her use that palette a couple of weeks ago (is that what made you buy it?). Great purchase for Halloween, as you said.

    My OCD is telling me there’s something wrong with the placement of the shade in the top right corner lol

    I’ve added you on Pinterest (why on earth wasn’t I following you?) and I’m going to use the first picture to pin your post.

    Keep up the good work, Kate!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Kate you have been amazing in helping and inspiring me with blogging.
      I agree much better than the Vault and I was definitely not disappointed with BH one.
      I had seen the palette before RBK but I do trust her judgment and she gave a little push towards purchasing.
      I’ll add you back on Pinterest now unless I was already following you lol, I’m only just getting used to it.
      Thank you for reading lovely x x

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