The Ultimate Autumn Evening In

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. A cosy night in with the fire on, scented candles burning, a soft blanket and some pampering is my idea of heaven. There is really no better time to give yourself some TLC then when it’s getting colder outside and the evenings get darker. For this post I have put together ideas form my ultimate Autumn evening in.


Bath time Relaxation
Bath time relaxation

To start the evening off there is nothing better then a relaxing bath where aching muscles can unwind, you can leave all technologies behind and switch the mind off. For years I have been using the Radox Feel Relaxed Bath Soak (£1.00 for 500ml). Adding this to the bath creates some thick luxurious bubbles you can’t wait to lie in. The formula is infused with lavender and waterlily giving such a gorgeous, instantly relaxing scent that fills your bathroom. Stepping into this I know I can just ‘zone out’, letting my mind and body unwind. For the sum of £1.00 it is such an inexpensive way to give yourself a little boost and add something special to your bath routine.

To continue the relaxing vibe and to match the bubbles in the bath I then use the Urban City Carbonated Bubble Charcoal Clay Mask ($20.00/£15.35 for 100ml). I have been using this for ages and the tub still has a tonne of product left. It’s a quick three to five minute mask and the charcoal based formula removes all traces of dirt and make up. After use my skin feels spotless and since I started using this mask and other charcoal products I have had little breakouts and my skin has been so much clearer.

Once cleaned up I hop out and put on my favourite Maire Pyjamas (there is no sexy pj’s here) that have been toasting on the radiator and then I continue on with pampering myself.


Nail Care And Relaxation
Love these Essie polishes

Unlike most I tend to stay away from the scented candles’ and opt for a wax melt instead. I find the wax melts to give a much more intense scent throughout the room than a candle which is something I really enjoy when relaxing. My current favourites are from Yankee (£1.70 individual melts) in the scents Perfect Margarita, Sparkling Cinnamon Spice and Star Anise & Orange. Each have such strong Aromas that create a great ambience during a night of pampering.

With the candles on and feeling warm and comfortable after the bath, I move on to nail care. Filing and painting my nails instantly de-stresses me (kind of like adult colouring only on your nails). Recently I have been using a few Essie nail products (polishes from £7.99). They have so many great choices when it comes to shades and colours. I find their polish to hold up well after application and can often go the full week without getting cracking or chips. I have also been using their Naturally clean nail polish remover (£9.95 for 118ml). It doesn’t smell as harsh as other polish removers and contains moisturisers and vitamins to keep nails healthy.

Once nails are painted I settle down in my cosy blanket to watch Breaking Bad repeats and forget about the world.

So there you have my ultimate Autumn evening in. There really is nothing more satisfying then spending the evening to relax and escape the stresses of the day. There is something about Autumn that can make you feel all cosy.

Let me know in the comments section about your ultimate evenings. How do you spend them? How do you switch off from the day job? Do you have any products that help you relax and forget about it all?

Next post shall be up tomorrow so until then I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Kate x

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10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Autumn Evening In

  1. I love autumn for self care ♥ for me, cooking something yummy and those moisturizing foot pack boots while watching something good on TV is perfect! (As I’m not a fan of baths)

    1. Cooking is such a great way to relax and also have something Scrunptious as a finished product. Have a great week x x

  2. I love a good bath! That really helps me unwind, I usually use a lavender or vanilla bubble bath. I can’t have candles anymore really due to the rabbit. I also enjoy that bubble mask! X

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