TooCoolForSchool Pumpkin Purifying Mask: A Review


Today I will be looking at the TooCoolForSchool pumpkin purifying 24k mask. Well it is the season for pumpkin’s! I’m going to jump straight in and give you the in’s and out’s of this peel off mask.

Too Cool For School
Too Cool For School has such cute packaging

The Basics

The pumpkin puritfying mask comes in at £18 for a not too bad 100ml, it will last quite a few uses. The mask contains 24k gold powder and golden yellow pumpkins which combined are meant to give the skin a soothed and toned effect.

Application is to clean dry skin, dispense a thin layer and leave to for twenty to thirty minutes and then peel off from the bottom.


I was expecting this to have a really pumpkin smell but it actually just smells like a mask, which is a little disappointing. On the plus side it is bright gold in colour which makes using a lot of fun. The gold is very reflective so It looks a bit like an all over face highlight, just call me Goldmember.


The texture is a lot less sticky then other peel off masks I’ve used. It is really smooth and easy to apply, leaving little mess. You don’t need to use much product as it glides onto the skin evenly without any trouble.

At first I was a bit apprehensive about paying £18 for a face mask but from how little product I needed to use with each application I’ve realised the 100ml will probably last about ten/ eleven uses. So price wise it works out at just under £2.00 per use which makes it much more affordable.

Each time I’ve left the mask on for the full 30 minutes although it has felt quite dry and smooth before the time was up I wanted to make sure I was doing as instructed. The wait isn’t bad, due to it being a peel off mask you can move around and get other things done without the product slipping or falling off your face (Sheet mask I’m looking at you).

Removal was simple. The mask dried down well and leaves a strong layer which is easy to pull at without it breaking. I was able to take it off in one whole piece without having traces left around my face.

The Results

I have used this a number of times and on each my skin feels more toned and hydrated. The hydration plumps up my skin leaving me looking more refreshed and awake. To touch it is smooth, soft but also feels incredibly moisturised.

I have used this during a bad breakout where I have had a couple of blemishes that have been sore and painful. The purifying mask did help to soothe the ache and also removed a lot of the redness from my skin during these times.

Overall I have enjoyed using the mask. It does everything it claims to do and is fun to use. I like that the bottle is a good size and leaves for many uses. The pumpkin packaging is very fitting to Autumn and the all round experience has been pleasant. I will be sure to finish the rest of the bottle and have even looked into getting the TooCoolForSchool Sleeping Pack (£16.50).

If you have used the Sleeping Pack let me know in the comments section, I’d love to hear some thoughts before purchasing. What do you think about the pumpkin purifying mask? Is it worth a go for you or will you be avoiding?

Next post will be tomorrow.

Kate x

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