Preparing For Surgery


There has been a change in my schedule for Blogtober as I have recently got the call to say my date for surgery is ready and it’s NEXT WEDNESDAY!! To try and not freak out I have been putting a few things in place to ready my mind for the big day, so this post is going to be a little catch up and run through of what I’ve been doing.

It turns out the few weeks notice I thought I’d have before surgery has not happened and here we are with four days. To lessen the stress and worry here are a few things I have been doing to prepare:

Know The In’s And Outs


The first step to relaxing my mind was reading all the guidance sheets given before the operation and really knowing what I am about to go through.

Please don’t use Dr Google it will only make you worry. You can ask your hospital to send you all the information needed. 

I am now aware that the surgeon is planning keyhole surgery but if any complications arise it will then be the alternative (thank god I will be asleep). Recovery from keyhole is allowed to be done at home although if the alternative happens I will be remaining in hospital.

Expectations they have of myself are to provide my own dressing gown and slippers. You can bet your ass I’m treating myself to some new ones. Both toe and finger nails to be free from polish or acrylics and no make up. I will not be allowed to eat or drink from 9pm the previous evening and any medications I am currently taking are to be taken with me and given in to the nurse assigned to me.

Get Organised

As I am off early Wednesday morning and the husband is taking over with the children I have prepped all their uniforms and P.E kits ready. I’ve also made a note of our daily routine (which my husband finds quite patronising) but knowing I’ve noted everything down makes me feel more relaxed so he’s not too offended.

I have also packed a small bag of clothes containing day to day wear, pyjamas, some unscented wash products, sensitive wet wipes, my laptop and plenty of reading material. I am a notorious over packer.

If you have any aids such as an asthma pump, hearing aid or contact lenses be sure to pack all you need in your bag.

If I have to stay my husband can just bring in the bag and I’m all set for the week.

Preventing The Anxiety

hello-my-name-is-anxiety (1)

When I have big things like this happen I often have an anxiety attack, ending me not going or forcing myself to go and then getting in such a state I walk out.

One of my September goals was to learn a bit more about anxiety in general and learn coping mechanisms to help me get through these times. A few things I will be doing before hand will be:

Meditating – This may sound a bit “off the wall” but I read taking time out for at least three minutes a day to sit and think of absolutely nothing helps to settle your nerve and gain control over your mind. I have been trying this out over the last month and really think it helps (not sponsored but I have been using the head-space app to get started).

Talking – I will be making sure I set aside time to talk to my family about my feelings towards the operation. I normally avoid doing this and deal with it myself but I have learnt from the encouragement of others that talking about it puts the worry out in the open to normally a reassuring response.

Taking Time To Relax – Due to the surgery it will be a while before I’m able to have a bath (only showers) and use some strong scented products. I will be using the time before hand to really indulge myself in relaxing and making myself feel good.

I’m hoping the above has given some guidance or help to anyone who is also setting themselves up for surgery. If anyone would like to add anything or has some great tips that I haven’t mentioned please comment as I’d be extremely great-full.

I don’t know where surgery is going to leave me with Blogtober. I am hoping to continue on and have a few things scheduled but I’m not sure if I’m going to be high on pain medication, please stick with me if you can I will be doing my best.

Next post will be tomorrow.

Kate x

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