NYX Cosmetics Haul

High Street make up has really upped it’s game in the last year or so, foundation wise there are now many brands that offer so many more shades plus they are now keeping on top with all the current trends offering many dupes at a more affordable prices.

I recently did a massive shopping spree at NYX cosmetics to see if their products were as good as I’ve heard. Here is everything I bought and all the details.


Total Control Drop Foundation £14.00

This is like no other foundation I own, it has a dropper applicator which you can dot on the back of your hand or a make up plate and then apply. The £14.00 is for 0.43 fl. oz/ 13ml. which size wise is a little on the small size, the shade I have is porcelain and the range has a massive 30 different shades to choose from.

Formula wise this is very light and almost like a water solution. It applies well and I like the option of having a more sheer coverage but being able to build to a more full base with a few more drops of product. The shade is a very good match to my skin, the formula stays seamless as you build up and blend.

Word of warning if you are using a beauty blender or sponge to apply (due to the product being more water based) a lot of the foundation does get soaked up but the overall effect of the foundation once applied is beautiful. 

NYX Full Coverage Concealer £6.00

Available in 14 shades including colour correcting these pots contain 7g of thick, creamy concealer. These have good coverage power and covered all my dark circles immediately. The formula is easy to blend and I feel it lasted well throughout the day with only minor creases which were easily buffed out.

The only thing to throw me off was the shade. I ordered Porcelain, what looked like the same shade as the foundation but it is actually about two shades darker. I also found due to the strong coverage it looks a bit thick over the drop foundation. I will be using this with other thicker foundations.

It’s a nice concealer but not one of my favourites, I will be using this pot but not repurchasing.

Matte Bronzer £8.00

NYX Bronzer

I ordered the bronzer in light (5 shades available) as a lot of bronzer’s especially high street can come up orange on my fair skin. I’m a hoola lite girl.

This one is on the warm side but if I’m careful with the amount I use it looks good. The pan gets a little dusty but this is to be expected with bronzer. I was able to blend this really well during application and I found the overall effect to give a natural glow.

I will be using this a little bit more before deciding whether to buy again although so far so good.

Lid Lingerie Palette £9.00

Nyx Lid Lingerie

Six shades for £9.00 is a pretty good deal and they all compliment each other really well to create a look. This is a great day to day palette as you have all the shades available to create a neutral look perfect for the workplace or in my case school run. I don’t want to scare anyone with a bright look before 9am.


The shades blend well and can be built up to achieve a more smokey look. I’m impressed by how much I have reached for this for my daily look.

Glitter Goals Liquid Eyeshadow £8.00

nyx glitter goals / swatches

I picked two of shades from the 8 available thinking these may be a great dupe for the Stila Magnificent Metals.

My favourite has to be the gold shade called Pin Up (the purple is retrograde). Both look quite sheer when they apply but once dried their reflective ability makes them look opaque on the eye. They don’t have as much glitter as the Stila but for a more affordable option do the job nicely. They are very smooth and don’t feel gritty on the eye whilst apply successfully over powder eye shadow without lifting of taking away your hard work. I will be buying more colours from the range and hope they expand it to more then 8.

Worth The Hype Mascara £9.00

The Worth The Hype mascara claims to be lengthening and volumizing and I feel like it achieves both these tasks. The wand is just the right level of thickness, I was able to coat nearly every lash with a few swoops whilst able to go into more detail on the corners without making a mess.

The product builds very naturally and I didn’t get any clumping as I added each coat. I was pleasantly surprised by this and it has been another item I have been keeping in my day to day bag.

Machinist Highlighting Duo £10.00


One of the most expensive pieces from my haul and the one I least like. I bought the Ignite combo as it seemed like the lightest shade there and it has just been a flop since the start.

I’ll be honest I think it’s me and I’m using them wrong but the darker highlight is way too dark for my complexion looking a bit like shimmery mud and the lighter one is a bit too unicorn for me personally.

Nyx Machinist Duo Highlighter swatched

The formula is lovely, soft, creamy, easy to apply. When put together the shades compliment each other really well and blend like a dream. (Maybe I using it wrong because when I apply it just doesn’t suit my face).

High Definition Blush £6.00

I’m not really big into blush and don’t collect loads. The High Definition I purchased was in the shade Coraline which is a nice orange/ coral shade as i don’t have many of this colour and thought I would try something new.

I was impressed with the pan size, for £6.00 I have the feeling this will last me a while. The colour is pretty and can be applied lightly for a nice glow to the cheeks. If built up it will also achieve a more striking look.

Another product that has been added to my day to day bag as it applies well and is easily carried around without taking up a lot of space in my bag.

Soft Matte Lip Cream £6.00

NYX soft matte lip cream

Lastly, my favourite purchase from my Haul. I bought both Amsterdam (Red) and Stockholm (Nude) and they have saved my lips through the Autumn/ Winter period.

The formula is matte but they are no where near as drying as a full liquid lip. They do not dry down completely and leave transfer but they give the dry matte effect I love without being as harsh to my lips.

The shades they have available in this collection is amazing I may start buying all my nudes in this formula. I find them so easy to apply, the shades are fully opaque with one swipe and they dry down quickly.

One of my favourites available on the High Street I will be purchasing more from the range.

There you have it, everything I bought from NYX cosmetics. Do you have a favourite NYX product I haven’t mentioned? Let me know down below and we can start the conversations.

Next post will be Friday, have a lovely week everyone.

Kate x

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