Welcome To Blogtober

This is happening… I have decided to take part in Blogtober and join in with everyone else who is trying to post each day throughout the month of October.

As it is the first day of the month I’m going to ween you all in easily and just write a few things to expect from my posts over the next four weeks. I am going to keep as many post as possible beauty themed but I will be doing a few life updates throughout.

Here’s the plan

Autumn Body care routine with products and reviews

Autumn Lip care Routine

The Ultimate Autumn Palette

DIY Pumpkin Based Skincare

Putting Autumn into Bath Time: Mini Spa

Importance of Vitamin C During Colder Seasons

The Ordinary Skincare Haul

A Collaboration with the one and only Kate Days A Week (@Catisbored)

And loads more planned.

I have to say I am excited to get started and hope you will be following along in this challenge I have set myself. I’m hoping to keep my content to a good standard and keep up with the day to day posting.

Let me know if you are joining me on the Blogtober mission and the plans you have for the month. Have you set any goals to achieve throughout taking part? Are you expecting to find is as challenging as I am?

We are all here to support one another so if you have and questions you want to ask about my scheduling or how I’m going to keep up, please feel free. We can share some tips and advice with one another.

I wish everyone the best of luck and I shall be back tomorrow with another post.

Kate x