Crystal Whites Teeth Whitening Review

Our society has now become so influenced by images and the ideas of perfection it can lead us to look for quick fix products that promise amazing results.

One of the areas I always want to improve on is the colour of my teeth. There are now thousands of teeth whitening products out there offering a more affordable way to brighten your pearly’s and avoid high dental costs.

Do they really work? I put the Crystal Whites professional teeth whitening kit to the test.

Crystal whites professional teeth whitening kits

The Crystal Whites Kit

The contents of the kit are as follows:

Advanced High Quality Whitening Gels

4 x Thermo Boil & Bite Mouth Trays

1 x Ultra Power Blue LED ‘Laser’ Light

Syringe Gel Caps

1 x Printed Colour Instruction Sheet

1 x Printed Colour Shade Chart to Track Progress

This is all comes in a resealable pack and is retailing on Amazon for £11.95 right now. I paid a lot more… around £30 I think.

Testing It Out

Right from the ‘get go’ this has been a disaster but I will go through the motions with you to give you the real insight.

Firstly you have to mould the mouth guards, this means putting them in boiling water for five to ten seconds and then placing them in the mouth to mould to your shape. It’s great they included four mouth trays! I do not recommend leaving a pair in boiling water for the instructed ten seconds. They will melt, bend out of shape and become completely unusable. I suggest four or five seconds.

Next step is to apply the gel along the tray. As long as you have managed to keep the mouth tray intact during moulding this is very easily done. The suggested amount is between 0.2 – 0.4ml of whitening gel. Every time I have used this product I have used 0.5ml of gel. The syringes are only labelled in 1ml sections so it was difficult to work out how much 0.2/0.4ml was.

You can then place the trays in your mouth and leave twenty minutes for what they call ‘bleaching time’. The formula doesn’t have the best taste but no teeth whitener I have used particularly tastes good, so it wasn’t too bad.

After the twenty minutes you can add a boost to your whitening by using the LED light provided for an extra ten minutes. A little time consuming I thought but lets go ahead and get better results.

The Verdict

I have used this for forty minutes every day for eleven days (yes I took my ‘boosting‘ time with the light up by ten minutes) and there has been absolutely no difference to the appearance in my teeth. I repeat ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE. All I have done is waste a lot of time and money.

Frankly I can see why this is now available on Amazon for £11.95 and yet I would still not recommend it to anyone.


If you are looking for a way to brighten and improve the appearance of your teeth I do suggest going to the dentist and having a professional clean. These can be around £25.00 which is a lot cheaper then professional whitening but has great results for the teeth’s health and cleanliness.

Have you used the dreaded Crystal Whites kit? It would be great to know if you have had any good results. Do you have any other brands of teeth whiteners that live up to their claims? Comment down below as it would be great to hear some opinions.

Next post will be Tuesday, wishing everyone a great weekend.

Kate x

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